Thankfulness breeds joy. It’s important that we reflect on things we are thankful for because it honors the Lord and it changes our outlook on life (Ps. 147:7). So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to share three things I’m thankful for.

My Family

My dad is Larry the Cable Guy without the overalls (but with clothes on) and my mom is Martha Stewart without the jail time. My Dad is hilarious and my Mom can cook anyone under the table. Close to three years ago I left the family business to invest my time in full-time vocational ministry. This had a big impact on our business. However, my mom and dad supported me 100%. They are my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. God has used them as a constant source of encouragement and to that I am thankful. Life is easier when you know people believe in you.

My Church

God has allowed me to be on staff at a church (First Colleyville) that has a vision for multiplying disciples…and we really do it. I get to work and minister along side some Jesus lovin’ people. I’m thankful my church also allows me to minister in areas of my gifts. Im thankful God has allowed me to be here.

My Job

I left the family business to come on board full-time at the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and it has been a huge blessing. I can’t imagine an effort that displays more gospel unity like 2,500+ churches uniting and giving to impact the great state of Texas, and even the world, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful for this family of co-laborers that has blessed me more than I deserve. The leadership here is incredible and the people are godly. Imagine if people at your work prayed for you…that’s a reality for me and to that I am thankful.

Reflecting on these three things bring me joy. My family, my church, and my job are God’s grace to me. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?




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